Premium Honey Range

Premium Honey rangeThe Glenuigie Peak Organics Premium Australian Honey Range consists of 6 varieties of distinct, uniquely flavoured grade ‘A’ honey. To enhance the appeal and the quality of this honey they are presented in 400g hexagonal jars. Glenugie Peak Organics distribute Australia wide and internationally.

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Premium Yelow Box HoneyPremium Yellow Box Honey

The temperate tablelands and slopes west of the Great Dividing Range produce Yellow Box (Eucalyptus melliodora), Australia’s premium honey. This honey is a natural organic product free of additives.

Premium Yellow Box Creamed HoneyPremium Creamed Honey

Boasting an excellent flavour and smooth texture, Glenugie Peak Organic’s creamed honey is second to none. This honey is the result of blending premium grade crystalised honeys.

Premium Rainforest HoneyPremium Rainforest Honey

The rainforests of Eastern Australia offer a unique blend of flavours. This honey is a natural, organic product free of additives.

Premium Winter Flower HoneyPremium Winter Flower Honey

The Ironbark forests of Eastern Australia produce this premium quality Eucalypt variety. Mellow in flavour, dense in structure, this honey truly stands out.

Premium Natural Bush HoneyPremium Natural Bush Honey

Gathered from specially selected remote, wild forests of Eastern Australia, Natural Bush Honey has a unique robust flavour.


Premium Wildflower HoneyPremium Wildflower Honey

A Light, pleasant flavoured honey gathered from the native flora of Eastern Australia. The wildflower selection is perfect for those wanting something unique yet subtle honey flavour.

Our premium range is a top seller in specialty shops across Australia. It not only boasts solid profit margins, but provides a product that will have discerning customers coming back for more. Our premium range is in high demand and we export this boutique style honey range. To get this product in your customer’s hands, don’t delay and…[formlightbox_call title=”Order honey from Glenugie Peak Organics” class=”1368579289617 button large”]Order today![/formlightbox_call]
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Our premium range comes in either 12 or 24 pack boxes.
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